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Car Audio is what we live eat and breathe at APEX AUTO It's an ever changing craft as Speakers evolve Digital Signal Processors get cleaner and Amplifiers get more powerful. We keep a Certified Instrument Technician available and provide System Tuning with the most advanced equipment on the market from Osciliscopes to detect clipping and monitor clean sine waves to FLIR Thermal imaging to detect heat signatures Digital Process Multi Meters, Polarity/Phase detectors and SMD DD1+ Distortion Detectors and a slew of Test Tones on hand to ensure your getting all you can from your system without running the risk of damaging what you worked so hard to build. 

APEX AUTO is your One-Stop-Shop for anything for your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, or boat Customization, repair and maintenance needs. From small electrical repairs to high end Sundown 10,000 watt 160+ SPL competition audio builds. From upgraded Brembo caliper and brake jobs to BDS 8 inch coil over suspension lifts... From adding a Custom name or graphic to the side of your boat to installing a full Kryptek wrap on your 30 footer. Rest assured we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to get your project completed efficiently and professionally no matter what budget your working with. 

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